Chapter 25 Summary

Point to Ponder: What happens to me is ''good'' if I decide it is.
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Quote to Remember
: ''A theory is a theory, not a reality. All a theory can do is remind me of certain thoughts that were a part of my reality then. A statement or a 'fact' is an emphasis - one way of looking at something. At worst it is a kind of myopia. A name is also just one way of seeing something. I can't make a statement about reality without omitting many other things which are also true about it. Even if it were possible to say everything that is true about a reality, I still would not have the reality I would only have the words. In fact, the reality changes even as I talk about it. When I outgrow my names and facts and theories, or when reality leaves them behind, I become dead if I don't go on to new ways of seeing things.'' (Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself)

Question to Consider: Is Warren saying that things will actually turn out ''good'' for me in some way, or that I will have to redefine ''good'' as meaning ''whatever happens to me''?


Agagooga said...

Is there an Episode 25? Just seems to be the summary...

Danny Schade said...

ep 25 is now the lost episode. my computer fucked it up and it was never released.