Episode 24 - This Paper Idol

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"I have not the slightest doubt that the reason we have anything at all to do with Christianity today is not that we have swallowed what Christianity has told us to believe and do, but that out of our own sense of how to live we have come to look seriously at Christianity because it seems in part at least to be saying the same thing we know to be right." - Robin Scroggs, "Tradition, Freedom, and the Abyss"

Special Guest: The Logically Critical Guy!

Join the Reason-Driven crew as we chat with long-time-no-hear guy from the Logically Critical podcast! If you've never heard his podcast, you're missing out! The guys discuss chapter 24 of Bob's book and discuss his reasons why the bible shouldn't be touted as the "infallible word of God". Not just another atheist peanut gallery, the reason-driven discussion tries to provide resources for good, healthy dialogs with believers. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hey. Who does the song at the end of the podcast. The british chick. That's one of the best tunes I've heard in awhile.


Danny Schade said...

She's Kate Nash and yes, she is amazing.

jessie74 said...

Hey guys, thanks for getting The Logically Critical Guy on the show.

Logically Critical was my favorite podcast and I was sad when it ended.

It was good to hear from him again.

Keep up the good work!

Dan said...

Great show... and great dialog at the end, too...

Targetta said...

One of my favourites for two reasons. Love LC, he had one of the best skeptical podcasts ever I have kept every episode of his so it was an all round great episode. Two, Kate Nash is one of the best acts out of Britain since The Smiths.

Good job guys, great podcast. Love your work.