Chapter 31 Summary

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Point to Ponder: I am not a robot programmed by God.

Quote to Remember: "Flee, my friend, into your solitude: I see you stung all over by posonous flies. Flee where the air is raw and strong. Flee into your solitude! You have lived too close to the small and the miserable. Flee their invisible revenge!... They hum around you with their praise, too: obtrusiveness is their praise. They want the proximity of your skin and your blood... Often they affect charm. But that has always been the cleverness of cowards. Indeed, cowards are clever!... They punish you for all your virtues. They forgive you entirely - your mistakes." t(Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra)

Question to Consider
: Why is some abstraction called "the meaning of lfe" better than just life?

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