30 - Cut Out The Holy Ghost Noise!

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Special Guest: Rich Orman!

Danny and Miles take the mics this week with a great interview with Dogma Free America's own host, Rich Orman!

The discussion takes a wild and unpredictable turn through many fascinating topics. This is also a chance for fans of Rich to hear a unique vocabulary you may not be used to on his podcast. :)


Rogier said...

Cool! I didn't know Dogma Free America was back again :-)
Wow, ten new episodes already. I discovered them right around the time they stopped and never went back again...
Great podcast btw, will be checking back soon for nr 31!

tinyfrog said...

Have to disagree with your 'nothing really matters' segment. What you are doing is saying, 'It doesn't matter when I look at it from [this] perspective.' Where [this] is the vastness of space or distance of time. But, all you've shown is that it doesn't matter from *that* perspective. You have to make a distinction between the local and distant. For example, whether or not a child in Africa lives or dies might be irrelevant from my unseeing eyes in the first-world, but it does matter to those people locally. If 'nothing really matters' is true, then you are essentially arguing that it doesn't matter if you live a successful, happy life or if you live under a kind of super-sharia law - religious oppression, chained to a wall, beaten and starving.

The fundamental flaw in the nillism is that you think something must matter to everyone in all frames of reference (all locations and all periods of time), or it means nothing to everyone in all frames of reference. All you've shown is that 'it means nothing in that frame of reference' and concluding 'therefore, it means nothing in all frames of reference'. So, I think your reasoning is fundamentally flawed.

JD said...

If you want to read the bible, and want a condensed version, you should check out the Brick Testament.
It is a collection of illustrated bible stories, told with legos.
It's really good stuff I am almost done with Genesis!

Anonymous said...

....getting antsy for the next episode! :-)

Jean-Michel Abrassart said...

Me too... What takes you so long? Some problems?