Episode 13- Worship That Creates God

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Typical religious belief has us looking up to an independently existing God, and worshiping Him as such. But what if it were really that God is created by your act of worship? Taking this point of view, Dan Sawyer returns to discuss the issue of "sculpting God" (something he knows a little about)
and Bob Price's thought that perhaps what happens in church is to be taken as literally as the movie you just saw...only without rampaging monsters or scantily clad Spartans.

Anyway, check out the interview, plus news, trivial information, and jokes!

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Anonymous said...

Love the podcast, as always.

One thing that was agitating: it's pronounced sin-uhs-thee-zuh.

But what does Brandon Cisneros taste like, out of curiosity?

Danny Schade said...

Yeah, we realized we'd been saying it wrong. Maureen actually has a very rare form of synesthesia called "lexical -gustatory synesthesia", so she tastes names and words. Here's what your name tastes like, Brandon.

Brandon = white bread, with a touch of menthol

Cisneros = spicy, pepperoni-like sausage


Mriana said...

Great podcast guys! I have often used Star Trek to show how a religion could form- esp with it's dying and rising "god" named Capt. Kirk. :D Such great shows could easily replace the needs that religions fills. I'm of the Betazoid sect, personally. lol

Seriously though, you all made a lot of good points, esp on the rise of religious extremism, which does go in cycles. The 1st Great Awaking and the 2nd Great Awaking are prime examples and they were a reaction to the Enlightenment, modernization, and alike.

You made a lot of great points in this podcast. Keep up the great work. :)

Dan said...

Catching up on podcasts… what’s the music playing in the intro and interview lead-in?

Is it the same bumper-guy, Jonathan Coulton?


Danny Schade said...

The intro and segue music is actually just generic loops and jingles from GarageBand. I usually stick Jonathan Coulton on the end of the shows now.

Robert P. Thille said...

Anyone have copies of the podcasts I could get? None of the links I've found so far lead to anything...