Episode 8: God: Created For Our Pleasure

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"Wait a minute: if I could somehow stay on the air, I'd have 100% of the audience. Think of the ratings!"
-Krusty the Clown
Episode 8 features an exclusive interview with J. Daniel Sawyer! Dan is an author, photographer, producer and videographer and podcaster (like us!). Check out his fine work at Artistic Whispers and Literary Abominations. He also appears on the Apologia podcast, is the host of the Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour and creator of the Sculpting God Podcast.

Despite a fiasco involving a blown circuit breaker, we managed to attain a wonderful interview. We discuss Chapter 8 of the Reason Driven Life by Bob Price. Enjoy!

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Point to Ponder: How about a bumper-sticker that says JESUS IS MY IMAGINARY FRIEND.

Quote to Remember:
"It is of course not difficult for an imaginative person so to conjure up the Person of Christ before himself that the picture shall take a kind of sensuous distinctness...Someone thinks he sees Jesus Himself, and consequently begins to commune with Him. But what such a person communes with in this fashion is not Christ Himself but a picture that the man's own imagination has put together."

-Wilhelm Herrmann, The Communion of the Christian with God
Question to Consider: Am I listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit? Or am I listening to my own? Do I need to pretend to be speaking for Jesus in order to take my inner voice seriously?


Rene said...

I liked the show. There were so many aspects discussed in it I totally agree with. I also learned some new things (e.g. about what witchcraft really is), and that is always a bonus.

Of course, I need no convincing that Christianity has many flaws, because I'm an agnostic since I was 12 years old (35 years ago). My parents were religious, but they decided we could have our own world view, and I decided that I don't know if God exists. I have no proof he does, but I also have no proof he doesn't.

Thanks for the great show! It gets better with every new episode, both audio-wise and content-wise.

BTW I'm listening to your podcast via iTunes, in the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

A summary is supposed to provide the reader/listener with a thumbnail sketch of the chapter. Enough information to understand the issue, the arguments, and the conclusions. No detail is required, but there should be enough information to understand and inspire the reader/listener to get the full details.
Mr. Price's "summaries" are incoherent ramblings with yelling and ad hominem attacks. Neither inspiring or interesting. I usually tune out after about 30 seconds.

Also the background music is just a distraction and doesn't add to the experience.



Danny Schade said...

Do you have a specific example of an "Ad Hominim" fallacy by Bob Price?