Danny here.
The podcast is over. Podcasting is really not our thing anymore. It's hard to explain, but we used to have a internal drive and passion to do the podcast... but that has faded. If it's no longer fun for us, we're not going to do a good job anyway. I don't want to further embarrass myself. I can't afford to host it and I don't feel like maintaining it. If you're pissed off at us, go ahead and talk smack on forums or something. You can also email and I'll respond. Mikyle might as well, who knows. You'll either have to be nice or really, really mean. Try both.

Anyway... if you wanna keep up with our current goings on you can still hear me on the Apologia podcast, hosted by Dr. Zach Moore.
Here is a link to my personal blog, featuring mostly things to do with music:
And Mikyle's political and social commentary blog:


Pixelation said...

Please tell me this doesn't mean that you guys aren't going to make any new podcasts.

This makes me sad. Also angry. And for some reason, it also makes me a combination of nostalgic and frustrated.

Jean-Michel Abrassart said...


I'm very disappointed by your decision. I remember how much fun it was to listen to your podcast last year. And now this... crap?

You know, it's like when you have a really bad sequel to a good movie, after it, you look at the good movie and it feels to you that it's also a B-movie. The crappy sequel contaminates the good stuff before.

Here, it's the same. With your attitude now, you're disavoing everything you did before, and it feels like we lost our time listening to you.

Being an atheist and a skeptic was just like a teenage crisis for you? Now that you grown up, you don't feel like being atheists and or skeptics anymore? How are we suppose to hear that? And Mikyle is all like "oh now I'm interested in listening to my bouddhist friends". Come on...

On top of that you're letting down Bob Price. Don't now if he minds, but I don't think it's nice to him anyway. After all, your podcast was based on his book, remember?

Next time you want to do something, be sure it's not another teenage crisis for you, and that you won't change your mind again a few months after starting...

Good luck for whatever you want to do next,

Danny Schade said...

Yeah, I'm sorry everyone. Jean-Michel, there's no need to be a prick about it. If you wanna know what's going on in my life, maybe you could ask me privately instead of writing this bullshit that you did.
I'm still an atheist and I'm still a skeptic, but I don't wanna do a podcast anymore. Ok? It's really that simple. And yes, if I had the ability to see months and years into the future to decide if I could do something properly, I might use that skill. Otherwise, I'm just doing my thing and life just sorta happens, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

I will keep your podcast bookmarked just on the off chance that you get desire to start it up again (just like what happened with Dogma Free America).

Good luck with your lives and I hope to hear you podcast again soon.


(Canberra Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny (and Mikyle)

like many of your podcast listeners I am sorry that you have stopped broadcasting.

Thanks for all the work you have put into the 'cast so far, for the information, the good guests, and the laughs and humour throughout.

All the best for the future, thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the podcasts you did!

Amanda said...

I had a feeling this was coming; the conversation and discussions on the last few episodes felt a little bit scattered and it was becoming obvious that you were both losing interest in continuing.

Still, I (and others, I'm sure) appreciate the time and effort you put in. The podcast was (almost ;D) always engaging and fascinating to listen to and was well worth tuning in whenever a new episode was available. Good luck in the future!

posty mcposterton said...

Hey, thanks for the shows you did. Good stuff... take care!


Anonymous said...

Links to episodes and the podcast feed are dead. ;-(

404 -- it is no more?

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of having the old episodes re-posted?

If not, does someone know where an archive of the missing episodes might be found?

[ Very much bummed. :) ]

abq_ath_guy said...

Hi, Danny and Mikyle.

Very sorry to see you guys decide to stop the podcast, but I do understand about podcast-creator burnout. Danny, I continue to enjoy your participation on Apologia. And like Mark from Canberra, I'll stay subscribed to your feed in case you decide to fire it back up. Yeah, I understand that it is doubtful, but one never knows. You guys did some good and enjoyable work. Thanks for your hard work.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Agagooga said...

I don't visit this blog and have only just learnt that you've pulled the plug.

Pity you didn't make it all the way through.

Did Bob Price record all 40 episode summaries? If so you can put the rest on the podcast. Together with a short announcement so listeners who don't think to come here find out what happened.

Danny, if you still speak on Apologia, why not continue this podcast on your own? Or are you still interested enough to speak about non-theistic issues but not free/motivated enough to do your own podcast?

Danny Schade said...

You're precisely right. I just don't have the time to do a full length podcast like that. I do have a new podcast,, which features some of the music I've been producing. Apologia is produced by Zach Moore, so my only time taken up is the hour that we just sit and chat. Easy as pie. Producing the podcast is a ton more work. That's actually why Apologia is slow to update right now.

Right now all my time is taken up working to pay the bills, teaching drum lessons and producing music.

I'm glad you liked the podcast and I'm sure sorry that we failed to make the whole thing.

It costs time and money to host all the Bob Price summaries, so it's definitely on the back-burner for me, unless someone else would like to take the trouble I can provide the files somehow.