Chapter 32 Summary

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Point to Ponder: Who am I when I feel most authentically myself?

Quote to Remember: "Idolatrous faith has a definite dynamic: it can be extremely passionate and exercise a preliminary healing power... But the basis of the integration is too narrow. Idolatrous faith breaks down sooner or later and the disease is worse than before. The on limited element which has been elevated to ultimacy is attacked by other limited elements... The fulfillment of the unconscious drives does not last; they are repressed or explode chaotically." (Paul Tillich, Dynamics of Faith)

Question to Consider: Reverend Warren warns: "You will find that people who do not understand your shape for ministry will criticize you and try to get you to conform to what they think you should be doing. Ignore them." (p. 254). Should that include Reverend Warren

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