Episode 23: When Is a Religion Not a Religion?

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"The attempt to reduce Judaism to a religion is a betrayal of its true nature"
-Milton Steinberg, The Making of the Modern Jew

"It is hardly possible...to say whether [Hinduism] is a religion or not, in the usual sense of the word."
-Jawaharlal Nehru, The Discovery of India

"Buddhism is not a religion in the sense in which a religion is commonly understood."
-U Tittila, "The Fundamental Principles of Theravada Buddhism"

"Islam is not merely a 'religion' in the sense in which the term is understood in the west."
-Said Ramadan, Islam, Doctrine and Way of Life

Special Guest: Dave VanAllen!

So, it looks like no one really likes to think of their faith as a "religion" per se, but as a relationship with a higher power...a higher power that is invisible, thus allowing for multiple interpretations to be offered. Fair enough. Your faith is based on truth, and the others just on wacky superstition, right? Dave VanAllen of ExChristian.net joins Danny, Mikyle, and Miles for a discussion on whether one lives a particular lifestyle, or dwells within an alternate conception of reality, and the issues with both. Also, internet news featuring cruelty against both man and beast.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If people come to my front door in an attempt to sell me their religion they are fair game as far as I am concerned.

Fortunately it is rare this happens but I did have a Mormon girl in tears (yes I am a b*stard) by answering "Have you accepted Jesus into your life" with "I know there is no god".

Another time one of them tried using Pascal's wager to convert me. I tried to explain that if god is all knowing then he would know that I was only "believing" so as to gain the "prize" - that my faith was not pure so to speak. She didn't seem to get it.

Both of those incidents were over 5 years ago - I haven't had Mormons knocking since. I wonder if they have a register of residences to avoid in case the occupants cause their missionaries to backslide???

Canberra Australia (the best place in the world)