Episode 18: Heretics Anonymous

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"I've searched for community in many places, Jesus. I was often looking in the wrong places, but I don't think my motive was altogether wrong. I was looking futilely and hopelessly there for fellowship, belonging, and acceptance. Now, at this moment, which many people would call 'loneliness,' or 'nothingness,' I want to thank you, Jesus. In this moment-in this place with all these other persons-I have found community where and as it is. It seems to me it is your gift. I am here with these others for only a few hours. I will be gone tomorrow. But I won't be searching so desperately anymore. I know I must accept community where you offer it to me. I accept it in this moment. Thank you, Jesus."
-Malcolm Boyd, Are You Running with Me, Jesus?

Welcome to week 18 of the Reason Driven Podcasting Experiment Extravaganza! This week*, we address some recent "unpleasantness" between between the military and puppy-dog communities; then we engage Stephen L. Gibson (author of A Secret to the Universe) in a discussion about how to have great discussions...and other stuff, hopefully. But really, a great interview, plus another F.S.M. and our signature brand of "low-brow-pretending-to-be-high-brow" humor! Very nice!

*This week's episode is all messed up actually... We're relasing just the interview as the regular episode. The discussions by Danny & Mikyle got all bejeezled somehow and there is a weird interference in the recording that we couldn't get rid of. If you still want to listen to that, I'll post it as well... it'll be "18b - Leftovers"

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EdSG said...

Hello guys!

Just wanted to drop by and let you know I love the podcast! And the new design of the site is great!

Thanks for your efforts!

I love exclamation points!

Danny Schade said...


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, love the show. Great interview. But I have one burning question: What was the song? The evil genius' love song? I must buy a copy of that song!!

Danny Schade said...

That song was by Jonathan Coulton and the tune was called Skullcrusher Mountain. Thanks for listening!

- Danny