Easter Special - Chatting with Bob

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Books by Bob:
Jesus is Dead
The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man
The Pre-Nicene New Testament
Deconstructing Jesus
The Empty Tomb
Jesus Christ Superstar: The Making of a Modern Gospel

The Quest of the Historical Jesus

Books by other guys:
Who Wrote the New Testament?: The Making of the Christian Myth
by Burton L. Mack (read online)
Jesus and Christian Origins outside the New Testament by F.F. Bruce
Comprehensive list from Bob's Site

Online Articles:

By This Time He Stinketh: The Attempts of William Lane Craig to Exhume Jesus By Robert Price (1997)
The Historicity of Jesus' Resurrection by Jeffery Jay Lowder (1995)
Why I Don't Buy the Resurrection Story 6th ed. by Richard Carrier (2006)

JESUS: Legend, Teacher, Critic,
or Son of God?
Debate between
Dr. Robert M. Price and
Dr. Gregory Boyd

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1 comment:

Jean-Michel Abrassart said...

Hello guys,

Great interview. You're getting better and better ("Apologia" is still my favorite podcast about theology, but you're doing good)!

I didn't hear anything weard in this episode, so I guess the post-editing was pretty good.

About films, I was disappointed that you didn't say anything about my favorite Jesus movie: "The last temptation". I'm a huge fan of Nikos Kazantzakis's novel, and I really would like to have Price educated opinion about that version of Jesus story.

Well, next time, please ask him.

Keep up the good work,