Episode 16: The Greatest of These

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Special Guest: Kylie Sturgess!

"It is therefore natural that for John the believer has no duties toward 'the world,' but only towards those who like himself are saved from it. The new commandment (xiii, 34f.) is not that the neighbor is to be loved... still less the enemy (Matt. V, 44; Luke vi, 27), but rather the fellow -Christian... Looked at from John's perspective, it could not be otherwise: his ethics followed straight from his theological convictions." - J.L. Houlden, Ethics and the New Testament

"I hate those who are double-minded, but I love your law" - Psalms 119:133

"How happy shall he be who seizes your infants and dashes their brains out against the rocks!" - Psalms 137:9

Join Danny, Mikyle, Maureen and special guest host Kylie Sturgess (from the Podblack blog, and the TANK vodcast) as they discuss love, hate, and that funny feeling you get when you see something that you know is wrong but it still excites you. Well, maybe not that last one. Also, listen in for alien sitings, brain-wave reading video game controllers, plus part two of our own Wacky Bible Stories: Book of Job! All this, and we'll throw Kylie's Australian accent in for free. Wowzers!!!

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arq.joser said...

I know this is a late comment on this "old" episode, i discovered your podcast not long ago, this was a great episode, great topic, the funny but insightful, the girls really make this episode special, and they're funny and clever, i love the podcast exactly as it is but you should invite Kylie, Maureen more often.

Thank you very much for your work!