Episode 14: I Can't Get No Sanctification

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I am convinced that this anxiety running through my life is the tension between what I "should be" and what I am. My anxiety does not come from thinking about the future but from wanting to control it. It seems to begin whenever I smuggle an "I want to become" into my mind. It is the tension between my desire to control what I will be and the recognition that I can't. "I will be what I will be"-where is the anxiety in that?
-Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself
So you're trying to be a proper God-fearing individual, but keep falling short of the high expectations that Rick Warren suggests. That's okay, your weakness is just a sign of humility! Let God take care of it for you, since you can't do it alone anyway. But this might only work for a while...you may find yourself instead continuously falling into despair those inevitable occasions the holy spirit seems to drop the ball. Maybe you can try something else. Check out our discussion of chapter 14 of the Reason Driven Life, as we interview Rebecca Watson of Skepchick.com and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, who graces our show with her crackling wit and intellect! Also, news items, Demon slaying, and the return of the F.S.M.!

Oh, and check out Rebecca's upcoming speaking engagement for the New York City Skeptics.


Martin said...

If you are going to do a podcast, at least do your homework so that you do not end up sounding stupid.

The process to amend the Constitution of the United States is laid out in Article V.

The Supreme Court and the President have no role in amending the constitution. Why do you think that the Supreme Court would have to sign off on a constitutional amendment? They cannot rule it unconstitutional because an amendment is part of the constitution.

(Slight technicality - Article V says that the constitution cannot be changed to have different number of senators from a state without its consent - so a consitutional amendment doing this unilaterally would be unconstitutional.)

I just shut off the podcast - if you are too lazy to do some basic reading before making uninformed comments, you are not worth listening to.

You can look it up in Wikipedia:


Danny Schade said...

Thanks for the kind words. I don't think Mikyle said that the supreme court had to sign off on an amendment, he just said that the supreme court could decide to rule against a law which goes against the intentions of the constitution/Bill of Rights.

But, I'm assuming you're not going to read any replies to this comment so it doesn't really matter anyway. I'm sorry you can't forgive a simple mistake and listen to the real content of the show, which is our interview. Oh, well... it's your loss. We don't need listeners like you.

Oh and the "too lazy" comment? I don't know what it is that you do, but we both work our asses of to go to school and put out a weekly podcast with compelling guests... and we do it for no money.

Just thought I'd let you know.

Liam said...

What a jerk...

Anonymous said...

Just for interest sake, the Australian Constitution can only be change through a vote of the people. The Government proposes a change (usually a couple) which is then sent to a referendum which the public votes on. Just about all of them have been voted down (no) including banning the Communist Party back in the 1960s. One of the few to pass was also in the 60s which gave the vote to our indigenous population.


MikWonder said...

This is the whole link to read the 5th Amendment in its entirety (copy & paste the whole thing).


arq.joser said...

HI Dabby and Mikyle!i'm a big fan of the reason driven podcast, and Robert Price is just Great,

I just heard episode 14, and you mention a guy call Richard "Sanders"(?) i couldn't find his podcast, please if you send me his information i'll apreciated!!!

Keep the good work and please make more than 40 episodes!

Danny Schade said...

The guy you're looking for is Richard SAUNDERS, his podcast is called The Tank Vodcast.
Hope that helps,