New Years Eve "Power-Hour"

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Here it is! Join Danny & Mikyle and celebrate New Years Eve in style. During the hour of power we gradually digress from a somewhat intelligible conversation to a rawkus ruckus of drunken laughs. Don't expect us to do too many of these again. What a headache!


James said...

I'll just note that, according to Kant's categorical imperative, there's nothing wrong with being bisexual, since that wouldn't interfere with reproduction.

Works for me!

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Simpson's episode on cannibalism that you discussed was a send-up of Sweeney Todd and the use in that Sondheim show of human flesh for meat pies.

James said...

The great mathematician you desperately searched for was Alan Turing. His memory and his contribution are better honored by keeping that in mind, I guess, and mentioning how it fits into our current world (i.e. I'd think we'd consider his contribution essential, yes?) more often.

I used to speculate, when I was the bible banging type, that the theory of evolution 'ought' to do away with the whole idea of natural homosexuality, but I knew that it was a coward's argument, since evolution was clearly a straw man that was all wrong, from my point of view. Oh, what tangled webs we weave when first we learn to think about what the other side is saying.

We have a fairly well documented record of a wide spectrum of sexual behaviors, all specific to times and places, in the world of "rational human affairs". This debate is not something that's specific to our time and place, but for a glorious moment in history, we're living in countries that allow freedom of sexual preferences. That's the important goal for the people who get stuck in the middle of the dumb politics of the thing - people like Alan Turing, who prefer suicide than living a lie.

Great show! Keep it *hic!* up!

Summer Squirrel, FCD said...

Funny show! I haven't laughed my ass off so hard during a podcast ever.

How many days did it take to get over the hangover?

I'm enjoying the series. Keep up the good work.