Episode 5: My View is God's View

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Jesus says, "Do not lie, and do not do what do what you hate, for everything is observed from heaven." -Gospel according to Thomas, saying 6a

"'You ought to' means 'I want you to,' so why not say so?" -Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

So you believe that beating up small children is bad. Is it because God believes it to be true? Or is it because you believe it? What if those are one in the same? Weird, huh? Wrap your head around this and much much more as we discuss chapter 5 in week five of the Reason Driven Podcast. Emery Wang (of the A Christian and an Atheist podcast) stops by to give Danny and Mikyle a Reason Driven Beat-down (in a good way).

Points to Ponder: My life is about what I say it is.

Quote to Remember:
My prayer is: I will be what I will be
And I will do what I will do.

All I want to do, need to do, is stay in
rhythm with myself. All I want is to do
What I do and not try to do what I
don't do. Just do what I do. Just keep
pace with myself. Just be what I will be.

I will be what I will be-but I am now
what I am, and here is where I will
spend my energy. I need all my energy to
be what I am today. Today I will work
in rhythm with myself and not with what
I "should be." And to work in rhythm
with myself I must keep tuned into myself.

God revealed his name to Moses, and it
was: I AM WHAT I AM.
-Hugh Prather, Notes to Myself

Question to Consider: What story am I living as my life's script? Do I like it? Did I choose it? Is it too late to change it?


Anonymous said...

Hi guys

I have recently found your podcast courtesy of the Skeptics Guide and I am currently working my way through them.

I really enjoyed episode 4, George Hrab sounded just like me (but more eloquent.

At the end of this episode you were talking about lie detector tests in the Simpsons. This bought to mind an episode of the 70s cop comedy Barney Miller where the police were being tested for corruption.

One officer, Wojo who was naturall nervous, failed the test despite being an honest cop. Up steps his colleague Dietrich:

Test Administrator: What is your name?
Dietrich: Arthur P. Dietrich.
Test Administrator: And what does the "P" stand for?
Dietrich: I was never told.
Scanlon(to the analyzer): Go on...
Test Administrator: Where were you born?
Dietrich: It's hard to say, it was long, long ago... in a galaxy far, far away...
(And the lie detector never even flutters!)



Gemini1906 said...

I have listened to first five episodes thus far. I have enjoyed them so far. We all wish for a continued existence in some capacity, the problem I have with reincarnation which your guess seem to be talking about, is that if a child is stillborn or is born but only live for a few hours or days, how would they learn a lesson or how is this a lesson from a pass life. I plan to listen to the rest...my feeling concerning life and death is best summarized by Epicurus: “Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.”