Episode 1: It IS about you

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''Man is the measure of all things: of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not.'' - Protagoras

"An inspired and infallible passage whose meaning you cannot be sure of is not much more useful than an uninspired, fallible passage." - Robert Price
It's time to stop fooling yourself. It IS about you and no one else. It's time to take responsibility for our own actions, good and bad alike. We can't leave it up to a book, a pastor or even god to make our lives worth something we must do it ourselves! Join Danny and Mikyle in our premier episode of the Reason Driven Podcast, featuring a full interview with Robert M. Price the author of The Reason Driven Life.

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Point to Ponder: It is about me.

Quote to Remember: "If you will not know yourselves, you are in poverty; indeed, you are in poverty." (The Gospel according to Thomas, saying 3)

Question to Consider:
Why can't I get it through my head that a religious self-help program, even one that quotes some Bible verses, is just as subjective and debatable as a secular one?

Bob Price can be heard on his weekly brodcast at his website: http://BibleGeek.org

...by the way, there is a significant archive of Bob Price audio and more on the The Infidel Guy Show, the largest collection of freethought audio on the web! There's a ton of stuff for free on the podcast, but there is even MORE amazing audio if you subscribe to his site. It's well worth the few bucks a month.

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Ricco said...

Hey Guys,

Bob posted me about your podcast. Just finished listening to it. Great Job! One correction. Bob no longer does the weekly broadcast on the infidel guy, but he does it via his own web site now...


I only happen to know that cause bob asked me to set it up for him, and I have just created it over the last two week. I did an entry on it about your show today, and I will go back and change the entry so that it has your URL and such so that people can come visit you.

I subscribed via iTunes, and will be checking you out. Sounded great today.

Cheers! Ricco

Danny Schade said...

Thanks Ricco, I fixed the post to have more accurate information. I did want to plug Reggie's show b/c there is a lot of good archive content of Bob on his podcast. But I just put up a link to biblegeek.org

Anonymous said...

Love the Podcast!

Erin said...

Great guest! I've been fan of Zachary Moore for some time now. I'm impressed by the caliber of guests (so far) on your podcast.
Again, looking forward to more, and thank you.
Oh, and the shout out was a nice touch.

lontjr said...

Folks, the web site is thebiblegeek.org

Let's be careful out there.

markii said...

this episode was great! i love the fresh perspective you guys have on this new worldview (new to me and apparently you as well). it's nice to hear young people doing the podcast thing too so keep it coming.